With the increased awareness of health care, Asian health fashion, and love of tea hobbies, attracting more and more Americans, which have always been addicted to coffee like the life of Americans also began to learn to drink tea and cloak a tea fever. Seattle’s coffee shop king “Starbucks” store now also does the tea business, according to reports, the United States of all kinds of tea beverage sales are currently at least 1 billion U.S. dollars a year.

Instant iced tea
Instant Iced Tea

The United States does not produce tea, Americans who drink tea all rely on imports. Americans generally only pay attention to the soup color of tea and not much attention to the appearance of tea, so American tea is often bagged tea, instant tea, mixed iced tea powder, etc., either canned or bottled tea, many Americans base what the shape of tea is not very clear. In the U.S. tea market, from the 18th century to Wuyi tea, the 19th century to green tea, and after the 20th century to black tea, bagged tea accounted for 55%.

Instant tea
Instant Tea

Like like instant coffee, Americans favor drinking instant tea, the most popular is iced tea. When drinking, add ice to the cold tea, or prior to the cold tea into the refrigerator ice well, to be taken out when drinking, smell the cold refreshing nose, cool teeth refreshing mouth, and feel the chest cool. The United States is a “cold” society, because of the fast pace of life, drinking iced tea to save time and convenience, low calorie, non-alcoholic, and less caffeine than coffee helps eliminate fatigue, keep fit, and good physical and mental health. U.S. iced tea variety, a dazzling, both black tea, green tea, as well as Chinese oolong tea; both sweetened, there is no sugar; both with fruit flavors and spices, there is purely tea flavor; there is a blend of iced tea with a hint of wine flavor is particularly popular with adults. In short, it can satisfy all kinds of people’s tastes, at your choice.

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