The Iranians call tea “Channon”, and this coincidence with the Chinese language seems to suggest the inextricable relationship maintained by the ancient Silk Road. Iranians must drink tea every day, and the number of times they drink tea is amazing, for many Iranians, 15 or 16 cups of tea a day is the minimum. Because of the prohibition of alcohol in Iran, people will be tea instead of alcohol, refreshing fitness, stomach, and intestinal cleansing.

Iran with Tea
Iran with Tea

Iranians drink tea in a very peculiar way, they like to add sugar when drinking tea, small and delicate glass cups with amber tea, but when drinking tea, not directly into the tea, but first put the sugar into the mouth, and then go to sip tea. With a light bite of sugar, and then a leisurely sip of the tea in the mouth, you can taste the tea and sugar in the mouth and the process of neutralization. Some sugar slices are also inlaid with lemon peel, a bite, full of mouth, at this time, rush to slightly astringent tea into the mouth, to the tip of the tongue gently stirred and, that sweet to the very best taste, really can not be described in words.

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